Devonshire Incense and Soap - Organic Soaps
Organge Chai Soap
Natural, certified organic oils of Cinnamon, Cardamom, Clove, Black Pepper, Sweet Orange, and Extracted Black Tea are used to sent this comforting Orange Chai Soap
Price: $6.50
Maker's Moon - was Gypsy Moon Soap
This sexy, sensual Soap is scented with Patchouli, Rose, and just a hint of Cinnamon
Price: $6.50
Lemon Poppyseed Soap out of stock until October 15th
A fresh, light Soap scented with Lemon, Lemongrass, and Bergamot and sprinkled with Poppyseeds
Price: $6.50
Lavender Soap
The classic fragrance of pure French Lavender oil and flowers scent this beautiful bath soap.
Price: $6.50
Sandalwood Soap
A classic soap with the Sweet Wood fragrance of natural Australian Sandalwood Oil
Price: $6.50
Rose Petal Soap
We use a natural Rose Geranium oil kissed with the costly Rose Absolute oil and Organic red Rose Petals in this classic bath Soap
Price: $6.50
Rosemary Soap
We use the very best Rosemary essential oil and organic Rosemary leaves in this fresh, antifungal bath soap
Price: $6.50
Pure Oatmeal Soap
An all natural, Fragrance Free, Color and Dye Free soothing Oatmeal Vegan Soap
Price: $6.50
Pine Tar Soap
A softening and soothing Fragrance Free Soap
Price: $6.50
Seaweed Soap
An all natural saltwater and seaweed fragrance free soap
Price: $6.50
Neem Seed and Comfry Soap
A soothing soap for dry itchy skin and those prone to rashes and fungal infections. Fragrance Free
Price: $6.50
Peppermint Oatmeal Soap
A refreshing and minty bath soap
Price: $6.50
Chamomile Goatsmilk Soap
Rich and creamy natural Goatsmilk from our own pampered and cuddled grass-fed herd is used with natural German Chamomile flowers to make this smoothing Fragrance Free Soap.
Price: $6.50
Charcoal & Magnesium
A gently cleansing and soothing soap
Price: $6.50
Organic Bath Soaps

Devonshire Soaps are lovingly hand made in small batches from the finest organic Olive Oil, Cocobutter, Shea Butter, pure essential oils, herbs, and flowers. Unless it is a specialty Milk soap, all our soaps are entirely vegan.

Keridwyn has been featured making Devonshire Soaps for Modern Marvels on The History Channel

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