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Yes! This is it! This is that incense you LOVE, the special stuff that you've been having trouble finding. After three major fires in 11 years (crazy story, and we promise to Blog about it soon) We are back and making incense that is Better Than Ever!

Devonshire was founded by  James Hershberger in Austin Texas, 1967 under the name Linga Sharira. In our more than 40 years we have sold our incense under the brand names Wicks & Sticks, Fragrant Harvest, Devonshire Apothecary, Eye of the Day, and White Light. We have enjoyed a wide distribution in the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe including sales to monasteries and the Vatican.

Award winning Devonshire Incense is among the best in the world

What makes our incense special is a unique blend of costly resins, such as Copal, Frankincense, and Myrrh, the finest quality essential oils, and beautiful colors. Our resins are hand-cracked then simmered in distilled water to make a clear aromatic syrup. The liquid resins are blended with essential oils and natural ingredients for the purest possible fragrance. Incense wands and cones are placed in hand-crafted wire baskets, saturated with resins and oils, then laid out to cure in the Texas sun. As a finishing touch, the incense is painted with brilliant non-toxic pigments to give each fragrance a unique look. All Devonshire Incenses have a pure, clean, natural aroma. Each stick of incense burns just over one hour. Devonshire Incense wands come in 30 glorious fragrance. We offer a wide variety of assorted bundles as well as individual fragrances.
Devonshire is a family-run business, and has been hand-made in Texas for three generations. We take pride in our strength and tenacity following the major losses we experienced in the 2004 and 2012 fires. We stand with our neighbors by remaining in Bastrop County and continuing to rebuild.
We hope you will enjoy burning our incense as much as we enjoy making it for you
Our resin incense is the most traditional form of incense and is hand compounded and meant to be roasted slowly over charcoal. We also carry one-inch cone incense for quick burns and ample fragrance. 
Devonshire Incense Has Been Sold to the Vatican and Has Been Sold Under The Brand Names:
 • Eye of the Day
 • Light Stones
 • Fragrant Harvest
 • White Light Pentacles
 • Sacred Spirit
 • Devonshire Apothecary

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