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All the incense on this page is sold as 10 stick packs of single fragrances. Please scroll to the end of the list to buy Incense by the pound.
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Amber Incense
Amber – orange with a red stem – Excellent for meditation, healing, and prayer, Amber incense is beautiful blend of exotic Middle Eastern tree resins
Price: $10.00
Bayberry – green with a green stem- Native to North America, Bayberry bushes are hearty little evergreens. The jolly scent of Bayberry is unmistakable and used to alleviate depression and anxiety
Price: $10.00
Blue Rose Incense
Blue Rose – blue with a natural stem – This Heavenly Queen of Incenses is a delicate blend of richly fragrant rose, bright rosemary, and traditional frankincense. As a Church incense, Blue Rose is used as an offering to the Virgin
Price: $10.00
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Cinnamon Incense
Cinnamon – brown with a natural stem - The cozy scent of natural Chinese Cinnamon is warming and comforting
Price: $10.00
Copal Incense
Copal – sparkling gold with a natural stem – Sacred, unique, and Godly, Copal is one of our most sought after and exquisite fragrances. The natural gum resin infused into this stick incense is native to South America and Mexico, and was greatly valued by the pre-Columbian Mayan people. The soft, sweet-pine fragrance is excellent for prayer, sweat lodge, meditation, and ancestral work. We are always amazed by the feeling of deep peace, clarity, and serenity burning Copal brings
Price: $10.00
Dragons Blood Incense
Dragon’s Blood – brilliant copper with a red stem – Dracaena (a true Dragon’s Blood resin from Morocco) is extracted into a brilliant red syrup then balanced and tempered with the purest sandalwood, cassia, and olibanum to create this traditional power manifesting incense
Price: $10.00
Frankincense – black with a natural stem – Known as Boswellia, or the more traditional Olibanum, Frankincense is the King of incense. Throughout the ages and cultures of man, no other resin has been more sought out, desired, and fought over. Our Frankincense incense is made from only the finest pure frankincense resin extract so you can experience how amazing this fragrance truly is
Price: $10.00
Gypsy Moon Incense
Gypsy Moon – yellow with a red stem – One of our most popular fragrance blends, this exotic and sexy fragrance is made from the essential oils of rose, patchouli, and just a kiss of cinnamon in a dark rosin amber base
Price: $10.00
Jasmine – sparkling silver with a natural stem - Symbolic of the moon, this incense has the sweet sultry fragrance of real Jasmine
Price: $10.00
Lotus – light purple with a blue stem – Blue lotus is ideal for all sorts of meditation, yoga, seeking one’s higher self, and prayer, the vibrant blue lotus incense is soft, sweet, and calming
Price: $10.00
Myrrh – purple with a natural stem – Once sacred to the Egyptian goddess Isis, Myrrh was called “the tears of the Goddess”. The dark, bittersweet counterpart of Frankincense, Myrrh is deeply symbolic of the sacred feminine, cycles of birth, death, and renewal, and emotional as well as physical healing. We use only the purest extracted Myrrh in this glorious and unique incense.
Price: $10.00
Patchouli – yellow with a natural stem – Deeply sensual and relaxing, the dark fragrance of real patchouli oil supported by pure black benzoin and amber rosin is evocative of the rich, fertile earthsensual, and deeply relaxing aroma
Price: $10.00
Pine – dark green with a natural stem – Native Texas loblolly pine sap is meticulously extracted the blended with the bright fragrance of spruce and finished with sweet balsam
Price: $10.00
Rose – magenta with a natural stem – The rich, sweet fragrance of natural rose is like no other aroma. We use a delicate blend of pure essential oils supported with natural amber rosin to give our incense a classic rose fragrance with a touch of sweet honey.
Price: $10.00
Sandalwood – tan with a natural stem – Sandalwood is a beautiful and traditional Eastern incense used for calming stress, meditation, yoga, prayer, and weddings. We use costly Australian sandalwood oil, Santalum spicatum, then gently enhance it with copal and amber rosin resin extracts to give this spectacular incense a fragrance extremely similar to the nearly extinct Eastern sandalwood. Australian Sandalwood represents an ecologically responsible alternative to traditional Indian Sandalwood
Price: $10.00
Spirit – turquoise with a natural stem – Originally named The Spirit of the Age of Aquarius, Spirit is a unique blend of frankincense, lemongrass, rose, rosemary, carnation, vanilla, and white sage. Spirit is often used is prayer and meditation. carnation
Price: $10.00
Temple – brilliant copper with a natural stem – With a deep, mystical, and exotic fragrance, Temple is Devonshire’s signature fragrance. The recipe for Temple was given to us by an Egyptologist, and is a traditional incense of the goddess Isis. The most remarkable and beautiful of incenses has a base of frankincense and myrrh, and rich top notes of sandalwood, neroli, olive, cinnamon, currant, and red wine.
Price: $10.00
The scent of real Tahitian bean gently roasted with just a hint of cinnamon
Price: $10.00
Bulk Wand Incense
Bulk bundles are quarter kilo (1/2 pound) bundles of our fine wand incense, around 150 sticks.
Price: $68.00
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Award winning Devonshire Incense is among the best in the world.
 What makes this Incense special is a unique blend of costly Resins, such as Copal and Frankincense, finest quality Essential Oils, and beautiful colors. All Devonshire Incenses have a pure, clean, natural fragrance.
Unlike most commercial brands, Devonshire Incense has a shelf life of over twenty years. Each Small Wand Incense burns just over one hour. Giant Wands burn almost five hours. Devonshire is a family-run business, and has been hand-made in Texas since 1967.
Devonshire Incense Wands Great and Small come in 18 Glorious Fragrances. We offer a wide variety of assorted bundles as well as individual fragrance bundles.
We hope you will enjoy burning our incense as much as we
enjoy making it for you

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