Devonshire Incense and Soap - Incense Samplers
Incense Wand Samplers
                                                                                                                                                                       Award winning Devonshire Incense is among the best in the world.

 What makes this Incense special is a unique blend of costly Resins, such as Copal and Frankincense, finest quality Essential Oils, and beautiful colors. All Devonshire Incenses have a pure, clean, natural fragrance.
Unlike most commercial brands, Devonshire Incense has a shelf life of over twenty years. Each Small Wand Incense burns just over one hour. Giant Wands burn almost five hours. Devonshire is a family-run business, and has been hand-made in Texas since 1967.
Devonshire Incense Wands Great and Small come in 20 Glorious Fragrances. We offer a wide variety of assorted bundles as well as individual fragrance bundles.
We hope you will enjoy burning our incense as much as we
enjoy making it for you

Incense Wand Sampler
18 wand assortment
Price: $15.00
Gifts Of The Magi
A 18 stick assortment of Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold
Price: $15.00
A 18 stick assortment of sweet flowery fragrances
Price: $15.00
A 18 stick assortment of all our best loved earthy fragrances
Price: $15.00
A 18 stick assortment of rich, resin based fragrances
Price: $15.00
A 18 stick assortment of Spiritual fragrances for meditation, relaxation, and enlightened thinking
Price: $15.00
Loves Blessing
A 18 stick assortment of Fragrances for romance
Price: $15.00
Winter Holiday
A 18 stick assortment of fragrances that to sing carols and deck to halls with!
Price: $15.00
Half Pound Bulk Assortment
A full half pound of your favorite assortment pack - approximately 200 sticks
Price: $68.00
Assortment Blend:

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