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Church Incense Resin Blends

Church Incense Resin Sampler
An ounce of each Church Incense Bland in a navy blue organdy gift bag
Three Kings, Medieval Mix, Church Mix, Leadbetters, Blue Roses, Rosicrucian, St. Francis, Gold
Price: $25.00
Three Kings - Quarter Pound
A 14th Century Blend of Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold (resin) to symbolize the Three Magi and their gifts to the new born Christ.
Price: $15.00
Medieval Mix - Quarter Pound
Frankincense, Myrrh, Black Benzoin, Red Benzoin
Price: $15.00
Church Mix - Quarter Pound
Frankincense and Red Benzoin
Price: $15.00
Leadbetter's Blend - Quarter Pound
A beautiful and complex blend from the 18th century Archbishop Leadbetter
Price: $15.00
Blue Roses - Quarter Pound
A 16th century Church incense blend traditionally associated with the Virgin
Frankincense, rosemary, and rose
Price: $15.00
Rosicrucian - Quarter Pound
A traditional and sacred rose incense
Price: $15.00
St. Francis - Quarter Pound
A bright and joyful floral incense
Price: $15.00
Golden Cathedral - Quarter Pound
A beautiful aromatic Church Incense similar to our Temple wand incense
Price: $15.00
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