Devonshire Incense and Soap - Blessings Blends
Blessings Resin Incense Sampler
an ounce of each Blessings Incense Blend in a purple organdy gift bag
Happy Home, Prosperity, Loves Blessing, Clearing, Lotus, Archangel, Psychic Vision, and Protection
Price: $25.00
Happy Home - Quarter Pound
A cozy incense made from sweet orange, vanilla, and cinnamon used to bless homes old and new
Price: $15.00
Prosperity - Quarter Pound
a golden incense burned to increase feelings of wealth and abundance
Price: $15.00
Loves Blessing - Quarter Pound
A sexy floral incense used for warming the heart chakra and feelings of romance
Price: $15.00
Clearing - Quarter Pound
A bright and somewhat astringent incense used for clearing out old energies
Price: $15.00
Lotus - Quarter Pound
A beautiful incense for yoga and meditation
Price: $15.00
Archangel - Quarter Pound
An incense used for gathering energy or contacting the Higher Self
Price: $15.00
Psychic Vision - Quarter Pound
Burned to increase visions, dreams, and intuition
Price: $15.00
Protection - Quarter Pound
Burned for feelings on Peace, Balance, and Serenity
Price: $15.00

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